Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 5

I woke at the regular time, 9 o'clock. I had my typical frosted flakes with warm milk. I guess the workers here don't find it necessary to have cold milk.  

After breakfast, we had an easy training and were introduced to our assistant coach, Janet Rayfield, who had just arrived the night before. We did some easy passing drills to begin with and then worked on defending set pieces for our game the next day. I had to put on a penny, and no surprise to me, it smelled terrible. 
Afterwards, we had lunch followed by a ton of down time. It was only 1:00 and we didn't have anything again until dinner time, which was at 6:30.

The first hour and a half, some of us walked to a little shopping area and bought some souvenirs. After which I went back and did some homework and watched a little TV. Then around 4:15, I decided to take a half hour nap, which  accidentally turned into an hour and a half nap.  I'm not complaining though, it was a great nap.  

Dinner was next, followed by an 8:30 meeting where we would go over things we needed to know for the game the next day. Coaches went over offensive set pieces and told us where we would be during set pieces. They also gave us some tips on how to handle Norway.  

After the meeting, I got Benadryl from the trainer. I figured after that long nap, I wouldn't be able to get to sleep that night on my own. It worked wonders for me. I didn't wake up once for the first night since I've been here. I'm going to need to get some more of those when I get back.

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